Weed Vaporizers And Their Many Applications

You could call them marijuana vaporizers, weed vaporizers, vape pens or wax pens. All of these are essentially the same type of device used for herb vaping. There are of course different designs, the materials used to make different types of vaporizers vary greatly and the exact vaporizer using information will also be dictated by the style and the contents the device uses. For instance, how to use vaporizers will be different for balloon or bag vaporizers and whip vaporizers. The exact methods will be different from these when you use portable vaporizers for cannabis or vape pens.

What are Weed Vaporizers?

Weed vaporizers or vape pens are an electronic device. Regardless of the variations in design and how they work, the device will basically expose cannabis or your choice of herb to a constant heat, either through conduction or convection. The heat would be enough to create vapor but it would not burn the cannabis or marijuana. This vapor would be routed through the delivery channel. The delivery channel could be as simple as a nozzle through which you would breathe in. It could be a balloon or bag. It could be a whip, like the ones you would see attached to a hookah or sheesha. Most weed vaporizers are powered by batteries. These batteries could be rechargeable or not, depending on the manufacturer. Some weed vaporizers will allow you to use cannabis in its raw form or with some kind of blend. Many vape pens require you to buy the cartridge that comes preloaded with the contents you would be vaporizing. You can opt for marijuana cartridges.

Marijuana vaporizers usually come with certain controls. You can enhance or reduce the volume of vapor you want, you can determine the exact temperature you want the device to maintain and you can personalize your vaping experience. There will be standard vaporizer using information and then there will be room to customize the usage so you can get the desired benefits out of your cannabis. Anyone opting for cannabis vaporization for chronic pain may want to use the vape pens for a longer period of time through the day or evening in short spells. Those looking for an instant high may want to go on a full throttle in a short span of time.

Different Uses of Weed Vaporizers

The many uses of weed vaporizers stem from the different styles, be it in terms of shape or size, the heating element or the delivery method and how you would use the cannabis. Tower or balloon vaporizers for marijuana are a type of forced-air vaporizer. They are large and not really portable. You can station them at your home or in your man cave. Force air vaporizers can use a bag or balloon where the vapor will be contained and you can use a whip to breathe in the vapor. Some balloons or bags may have long enough pipes with changeable tips so you don’t necessarily need an additional whip.

Whip vaporizers are also less portable but they are sleeker than balloon or bag vaporizers. While in the latter there is a current of air blown through the heating chamber, the whip models use convection air current over nichrome, which is the heating element. Whip vaporizers are smaller and there is no large balloon or bag to move around. The wand is also easier to use, compared to the pipes or whips of balloon vaporizers. Whip vaporizers allow you to control the size or volume of vapor you breathe in. The most notable concern of whip vaporizers is that they can heat up the vapor rather quickly so you should be careful about the temperature. You don’t want to breathe in very hot vapor.

It is beyond the bag and whip vaporizers where the whole realm gets interesting as you can use all kinds of blends and mixes of cannabis and herbs, waxes and oils. Portable marijuana vaporizers can be vape pens, not very different from electronic cigarettes. There are oil vaporizers and wax pens. These marijuana vaporizers can vape cannabis or any compatible extract you have. There are oils, waxes, mix of herbs and oils or herbs and waxes, blends of oils and waxes and herbs, or you can use one of the various types of cartomizers available today. These cartomizers include the heating coil or atomizer and the cartridge that contains the substance you would be vaping.

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